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qyanoos Creates useful open-source and closed-source applications, tools and software for everyone!

Software, App and Web Development Services

We create custom software, mobile and web applications. We listen to your story and your ideas and turn them to a real, useful application. We build maintainable and extendable software and websites using the most recent software development technologies.

We can update and upgrade your existing applications to the latest technology so that your apps are secure and perform efficiently. Check out our Services page.

Software Engineering and Web Development Courses For Beginners

We teach you to become a successful Software Engineer. We teach you programming, UI design, algorithms, database, APIs, and everything you need to create professional apps and websites. You will learn everything in a unique method step by step. You will become a great problem solver that companies love to hire. Watch and follow our programming courses.

Our Free Online Tools

We have created the following tools on this website and we are creating more useful tools that will come online soon. Check this website regularly.

QR Code Generator for Payment - Add Your Logo, Change or Set Colors, Size ...
QR Code Generator from any Text with Your Custom Logo and Favorite Colors
Hex / Decimal Convertor

Our Android Applications

We created the following Android applications for you. Install and enjoy using them for free!

Dream Board(Drawing App)

Fully Customizable Feature Rich Drawing and Painting App. Draw anything and save it on your phone / device.

Color Tools and Reference

Convert, pick, preview, copy and share colors. A perfect App if you deal with colors everyday. RGB, HEX, HSL, Color Names in EN...

Text Or Code Editor

Feature rich Notepad or Text Editor. Install and Enjoy Creating, Reading, Editing files, Taking Notes,...

HTTP Response Code

Search, Practice and Learn HTTP Response Status Codes. A perfect Reference App for Developers!

Courses and Trainings for Beginners and Intermediates

Learn Smartphones

smartphone courses and tutorials

In this course you learn how to manage everything about your devices yourself...more

Learn Google Drive

Learn Google Drive

Google Drive Complete Course. Learn Cloud Services, Office Apps...more

Learn Microsoft Office Pack

Learn Microsoft Office Pack

A Complete Course About Microsoft Office Pack...more

Learn Computers

learn computer basics

Find your way around Computers, how to use and customize them...more

Learn Microsoft OneDrive

Learn Microsoft OneDrive

Learn The Newest IT Technologies, Cloud Services, Office Apps,...more

Learn more...

computer courses for free

Want to know more about our Courses and Trainings,...Click here.

Popular Web Development Services

Creating New Web Apps

Creating New Web Apps

Need a website or management applications? We Can Build it for you...more

Updating Web Apps


Updating Web Applications is crucial for security, efficiency and performance...more

Upgrading Web Apps


Your Web Apps are too old? Want to switch technologies? We upgrade it for you...more

Learning Web Development

learn web development course

Learn Web Technologies, Become a Professional Web Developer...more

Explore our Services


want to know all of our web development and programming services,...Click here.

Our Android Applications

HTTP Response Code
HTTP Status Code
This android app helps you Search, Practice and Learn HTTP Status Codes or HTTP Response Codes. Check the application on Google Play by clicking here.http status code or http response code
Dream BoardIf you like drawing anything on your smartphone then this app is perfect for you. Draw anything with different pen size, pen color, background color, pen transparency,...and save your drawing as image on your device. Check the app on Google Play to learn more about it. Check the application on Google Play by clicking here.Dream Board
Color ReferenceThis android app is created to help you with colors. This is a perfect application for those who deal with colors everyday. Check the application on Google Play by clicking here.Color Reference
Text Editor
Code Editor
If you like to create, edit, open, read, modify text based files on your phone then this app is perfect for you. This android app is able to open or read files, create new files and edit or modify files. This is almost like Windows Notepad. With this Android application you can create custom files with custom extensions. This is also a great Code Editor for developers and programmers. Check the application on Google Play by clicking here.Text Editor for Android devices or Code Editor for Android devices
Fake Camera DetectorThis Android App can detect how many cameras are there on your smartphone so that you know if any of those cameras on your devics is fake or real. This App detects all physical and logical cameras so don't be shocked if you see a big number. Check the application on Google Play by clicking here.Fake Camera Detector for Android devices. Find out how many cameras are there on your smartphone