Free Online QR-Code Generator for Payment - Easy Money Request

With this Free online QR-Code Generator you can create QR-Code for payment and it has made the payment and money request easy for your clients or customers, friends, family,...

Send money request or send payment request using QR-Code. This way your clients, customers, friends, family can pay the money with one scan. It is a quick way to make the payment or pay the money for the products or services. This QR-Code Generator is fully customizable. You can change the colors, size and add your own logo and also customize the size of the logo.

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Enter Your Payment Details

BIC is mostly used for international bank payment / transfer. Every bank has a unique BIC code that you can search on Google "BankName BIC".
It's possible that the Date will not work But it can be changed on the bank App.
Structured Message is used in payments to identify a payment programmatically. It makes the payment unique.

Customize Your QR-Code

If Checked then the Logo Background Color will not have any effect.

After scanning the QR-Code with your bank App if it does not work, then please contact us so that we fix and improve it for you. We have tested the QR-Code on most bank Apps.

Test and Check your QR-Code before sending to or sharing with your customers, clients, friends,...

Examples of our QR-Codes

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