Free Color Tools and Reference App for Your Android Phone

This App has all features for colors. RGB - HEX - HSL. Convert one color to another one, color picker, preview colors, copy and share. Color names in English.

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Top Features

This is a perfect app or tool for those who deal with colors / colours everyday. Select your favorite color, convert colors, copy and share,.... Check the application on Google Play by clicking here. Give it a try and you will love it.

  • List of all often-used colors with their RGB, Hex and HSL values, and their names in English. By clicking on a color, you get its value in RGB, HEX, HSL and also the color name in English.
  • Choose any color you like by using the available Color-picker or selector.
  • Copy color value to clipboard and use it any where you like.
  • Convert Hex colors to RGB colors
  • Convert RGB colors to Hex colors
  • Preview any color: if you have the value or name of a color but you don't know how it looks like then you can preview it by using the color tools in this app.

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