Free Text Editor or Notepad App for Android

This Notepad or Text Editor App has all the features that Windows Notepad has. Opening or reading files, creating, editing or updating files and much more.

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Top Features

Notepad or Text Editor for Editing any Text Based Files. Code editor for software developers, web developers or programmers. This application accepts all types of Text Based Files such as txt, html, css, js, java, .c, .cpp, .cs,...
This application is created using the most recent Android programming features that are very secure and efficient. This app does not require any storage permissions to do the necessary operations like Creating Files, Opening and Modifying Files Which is very important for your privacy.
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  • Create New File
  • Edit or Modify any File
  • Save As Files or Create a new copy of a file
  • Open or Read any File
  • Open Files for Read directly via the File Manager

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